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The banking sector mainly deals with part of the economy that takes care of the saved financial assets for others, investing these financial assets as an advantage to generate more wealth, and the regulation of all these activities with the help of various government agencies.

Usually, the banking sector is classified into two types: scheduled banks and non-scheduled banks. Scheduled banks are further classified as nationalized banks, RRBs, foreign banks, and other private sector banks. Of all these, as nationalized banks are the major contributors of the Indian economy, they dominate and lead the banking sector majorly owing to their large size and widespread networks.

In general, banking all over the world is practically mature when it comes to supply, product range, and reach. Though, there are some problems faced such as reaching rural areas and the poor, which is a major challenge. Thus the government addressing these issues has take initiatives by expanding its reach and branch networks all over the world. This in turn will definitely impact the overall banking market in the world in a positive way, which may provide ample opportunities to niche and existing players globally.

Sep-2016 | Global Info Research

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