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Emerging E-Commerce Sector is Spurring the Growth for Forklift Truck Market

18-Aug-2017 | Automobiles

Forklift truck is a movable machine used to lift and move heavy goods. It is majorly used in the production lines, warehouses, or any storage facilities that handle heavy goods to keep the inventory moving as per the demand from the manufacturing plant or for dispatch purpose.

Increase in R&D Spending and Technological Advancements to Boost the Nanosensors Market

18-Aug-2017 | Chemical & Materials

Nanosensors are mechanical or chemical sensors that can be utilized to identify the existence of nanoparticles and chemical species or keep track of physical factors such as temperature, on the nanoscale. These are basically utilized in healthcare and biomedical sector and also assist in production other nanoproducts such as nanoscale and nanorobots. They have modernized the semiconductor indus ...

Amplified Demand for Larger Bandwidth to Burgeon the Ethernet Test Equipment Market

31-Jul-2017 | Electricals & Electronics

Ethernet is basically a network technology that links several computer systems to create a local area network. It is predominantly utilized by the service management test crew and network operators. It is also utilized to report issues such as technical issues in packet transport network or Ethernet business service and Ethernet backhaul. Ethernet test equipment can either be utilized to verify ...

Amplified Focus on Enhancing Customer Experience to Uplift the Language Processing Market

31-Jul-2017 | Technology and Media

Language processing includes the reading text’s automation with the use of advanced algorithms. The language processing devices recognize grammar and words to obtain meaning from huge expanses of text. Additionally, it combines computational linguistics with artificial intelligence to understand and process the natural language obtained by the computer. At present, in business scenario, h ...

Copycat Malware on the Verge to Strike Fueling the Cyber Security Market

18-Jul-2017 | Electricals & Electronics

A CopyCat malware impacted over 14 Million Android devices in 2016. This resulted in rooting 8 Million of smartphones and earning the attackers roughly $1.5 Million in fake ad incomes in a time frame of just 2 months. These details were provided by Check Point, an Israel-based IT security provider. The company also claims that soon s similar attack might take place. With this news, people are n ...

Dandelion: A Boon for the Global Renewable Energy Market

18-Jul-2017 | Energy

Currently, the state in which our planet exists is basically due to the overuse of the non-renewable energy sources. The global warming has resulted in a number of consequences for the environment as well as the people. For helping out find a solution, there are a number of companies that have planned of going the green way so as to curb exhaustion of the non-renewable sources of energy.

Global Public Safety and Security Market to Flourish Owing to Facebook’s Disaster Map

13-Jul-2017 | Healthcare

Now the government along with a number of organizations is developing a various apps for the benefit of the people. The social media giants are nowadays coming up with a number of apps or technologies so as to help the global public safety and security market.

Easy Availability of Microsoft Office App on Windows Store to Escalate the Global Online App Store Market

13-Jul-2017 | Electricals & Electronics

Looking at the need for Office apps for the various devices such as the laptops, computers, or smartphones, Microsoft has thought about coming up with an idea of making the Office apps available on Windows Store. If the Office apps are easily available on Windows Store then it is surely going to help the global online app store market grow faster.

Nest’s Home Security Camera to Boost Global Home Security Systems Market

23-Jun-2017 | Electricals & Electronics

Facial recognition technology is being added to a number of devices for a number of purposes such as security, privacy, and personal data storage. Nest Lab has added Google’s facial recognition technology to a highly resolved home-security camera. The device has been basically designed so as to monitor and understand what’s going on in the houses of people.

Online Education Market in India to Hit $1.96 Billion

23-Jun-2017 | Electricals & Electronics

With augmented penetration of Internet in the middle of a rush in smartphone ownership, the online education market in the country is anticipated to hit $1.96 Billion by 2021, a report by Google said this week.