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Nest’s Home Security Camera to Boost Global Home Security Systems Market

23-Jun-2017 | Electricals & Electronics

Facial recognition technology is being added to a number of devices for a number of purposes such as security, privacy, and personal data storage. Nest Lab has added Google’s facial recognition technology to a highly resolved home-security camera. The device has been basically designed so as to monitor and understand what’s going on in the houses of people.

Online Education Market in India to Hit $1.96 Billion

23-Jun-2017 | Electricals & Electronics

With augmented penetration of Internet in the middle of a rush in smartphone ownership, the online education market in the country is anticipated to hit $1.96 Billion by 2021, a report by Google said this week.

Rising Focus of Government on Security to Fuel the Explosive Detection Equipment Market

16-Jun-2017 | Electricals & Electronics

Explosive detection is an inspection process that is non-destructive and used to find out whether a container haves any explosive material in it. It is usually utilized at ports, airports, and for border control. The increasing rate of geopolitical unrest and terrorism around the world is expected to fuel the growth of the explosive detection equipment market.

Rising Construction Activities Has Spurred the Growth of The Global Self-Compacting Concrete Market

16-Jun-2017 | Manufacturing & Construction

Self-compacting concrete is the mixture of the concrete that by itself consolidates into a shape under its own weight. It has a combination of high deformability, moderate viscosity, low yield stress, and good segregation resistance, which delivers uniform suspension of solid particles.

Unmet Need of Organs for Transplantation to Upsurge the 3D Bioprinting Market

06-Jun-2017 | Medical Devices

Three-dimensional bioprinting indicates the procedure of making cell patterns in a restricted area with the assistance of technologies of 3D printing. The cell’s function and viability are preserved within the printed arrangement. The recent enhancements in technology have made it possible to 3D print biocompatible materials and cells into three-dimensional, intricate, and functional livi ...

Development of New Assays to Detect Diseases to Burgeon Molecular Diagnostics Market

06-Jun-2017 | Chemical & Materials

Molecular diagnostics is a fundamental component of the in-vitro diagnostics industry. It has achieved an accelerated impetus in last few years. Molecular diagnostics utilizes methods such as nucleic acid amplification and hybridization so as to recognize microorganisms and the existence of virulence factors.

Artificial Womb Development for the Premature Baby Survival Helps the Global Healthcare Market Flourish

31-May-2017 | Healthcare

Pregnancy is the best phase a woman enjoys and cherishes it for a lifetime. But the phase isn’t as easy as it seems. There are a number of complications related to it especially when it comes to dealing with infertility or premature birth. Leading researcher Alan Flake and his team from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have developed an artificial womb, which is similar to a ...

Astro Go Mobile App’s Relaunch Is A Cherry On The Cake For The Global Mobile App Market

31-May-2017 | Electricals & Electronics

A TV that is not only handy but also something that you can carry anywhere has been launched by the company Astro. The company has relaunched its app called Astra Go—a mobile app which helps you view TV series, movies, or sports online as well as offline. The app has been currently updated and made available for all the Android smartphones via Google Play store and for the iOS devices via ...

Flipkart’s Mira to Boost The Global Online Shopping Market

19-May-2017 | Electricals & Electronics

The domestic online shopping company Flipkart has is well known for its services and products. To ensure that the customers get more quality service, the company has decided to launch artificial intelligence assistance. The company has initiated project Mira. Flipkart has decided to name this assistance as Mira that will help the customer to choose among the best while shopping online. Mira wil ...

Got Stars Becomes Highest-Paid TV Actors Boosting the Global Entertainment and Media Market

19-May-2017 | Telecommunication

The news of GoT stars becoming the highest paid TV actors is the trending one in today’s time. “Game of Thrones” is the most popular TV series of the era and its seventh season is on the verge of release. Kitn Harington, Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau are the actors that count in the list of the highest paid TV actors. All these 5 actors ...