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Enhanced Consumer Expenditure to Spur the Alkaline Batteries Market

Posted on: Oct-2017 | By: Intense Research | Electricals & Electronics

Alkaline batteries are widely used in electronic devices such as flashlight, toys, and digital cameras. However, with technological advancements and popularity of online/video games and smartphones, the usage of these batteries is now limited to smoke alarms, flashlights, and a few other low-tech applications. Basically, there are 2 alkaline battery types: primary & secondary. Also called as throwaway or single use batteries, primary batteries are non-rechargeable batteries. Secondary batteries are rechargeable batteries with an extended life span and are utilized for moderate-power applications.

Alkaline batteries have high energy density and deliver electric charge for an extended period compared to other battery chemistries. Furthermore, they have an extended shelf life and are inexpensive compared to the majority of battery chemistries such as Ni-MH and, which makes them the preferred option for household electronics applications. This, in turn, is influencing the growth of alkaline batteries market.

Domestic making of primary batteries is one of the ongoing trends in the market. The industry is saturated with a broad array of primary batteries, non-branded and branded. Customers prefer purchasing batteries that are produced locally as they are economical and easily obtainable.

Enhanced consumer expenditure

Spending by a consumer is a noteworthy economic factor as it generallyaccords with the overall consumer buoyancy in the economy of a nation. Sales of the high-drain electronics will be supported by the enhancing consumer spending, driving the need for primary as well as secondary alkaline batteries. Further, high consumer spending will also drive producers to deliver more products for customers to purchasein the market.

Guidelines on battery recycling

These batteries are the often used battery types across the world for several applications. These batteries form almost four-fifth of the entire battery waste. Regulations are been formulated by governments around the globe for the recycling and safe disposal of batteries to avert groundwater and soil pollution. Furthermore, the metals mined from recycling can be used again to make batteries, which offer cost benefits for producers of thebattery.

Favorable features of alkaline batteries

These batteries offer manybenefits, which comprise longer shelf life, higher energy density, easy availability, and low cost. These batteries are accessible in several sizes such as AA, AAA, D,C, and 9V, which are well-matched for general-purpose and heavy-duty applications such as radios, TV remote controls, game controllers, flashlights, clocks, and media players.

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