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Growing Concerns Regarding Infections to Spur the Antibacterial Coating Market

Nov-2017 | Intense Research | Chemical & Materials

Antibacterial coatings are covering substances that put off the bacterial growth on the surface of implants. Medical implants, situated internally, might bring in bacterial infections that require to be substituted. Recurrent implant replacement can result in excessive distress in patients, hence, to avoid this, medical implants can be processed with antibacterial agents. The antibacterial coatings are bio-stable, nontoxic, and biocompatible.

With the several recent outbreaks of food poisoning along with the rising incidents of hospital-acquired infections among people across the world is also a key contributing factor to growth of the antibacterial coatings market. At present, doctors rather use these products in comparison to powerful cleaning agents and disinfectants. This would also assist them to decrease both time as well as the cost for the hospitals wherein they are progressively used more. They assist in preventing the spread of microorganisms, which can otherwise result in undermined immune systems among individuals.

Furthermore, the increasing need for implantable medical devices and the growing lumber of cardiovascular diseases is likely to drive the growth of the overall market. Also, the amplifying demand from steel, medical industry, domestic appliances, sanitation, and furniture industry owing to the elevating health problems has positively influenced the demand for this product. The product is extensively utilized to sterilize refrigerators, kitchenware, food processing tools, shopping carts, steel storage cabinets, and elevators.

One of the current market trends is the implementation of roughened polydopamine. Generally, polydopamine is utilized in biomedical surfaces and high-performance coatings. It is also utilized in tissue engineering and wound healing purposes. Polydopamine is being substituted by roughened polydopamine that is produced by an additional stage comprising shaking-assisted process by a mechanical shaker.

Besides antimicrobial coating, the rising usage of environmental-friendly coating substances will also impel to the growth of the antibacterial coatings market. The governments of several countries across the world are also motivating the usage of substances that are environmental-friendly to decrease pollution. Furthermore, the awareness of consumers that the using chemicals can be damaging is also encouraging the use of materials such as vegetable oils for coating. Moreover, the increasing environmental distress together with the release of volatile organic compounds will also spur the growth of the Market for antimicrobial coatings.

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